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Shelar Sanitation has been in business since 1950.  We are a full service septic pumping and hauling company licensed by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

We are located in Jackson Michigan at 1478 Falahee Road near Page Avenue.  

Septic Pumping in Michigan is regulated by the DEQ and local county governments.  Numerous laws apply to the proper and safe disposal of septic effluents.   Jackson County passed an ordinance that requires Septic Haulers to dispose of sewage water in the same county where it was pumped.     Each septage waste receiving facility charges a different rate per gallon to dispose of waste.  The average septic tank holds 1000 or 1500 gallons and when you multiply the gallons by the rate the county charges to treat the waste, the price of septic pumping goes up.

Pumper Magazine Featured Shelars in their Oct 2012 Edition
Shelars was featured in Pumper Magazines October 2012 Edition.   
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Our goal is to keep Septic Pumping in Jackson, Michigan affordable We let customers know how to save money.   For instance, a customer can remove the soil from the septic lid prior to the arrival of our driver which will help them avoid a locate & uncover fee    Customers tell us that they appreciate the fact that we strive to keep their bills as low as possible.

Keeping Septic Pumping prices low and affordable is just one of our goals here at Shelar Sanitation.  The industry is constantly undergoing changes in an effort to bring new technologies to bear to improve our industry and the quality of our service.   We attend conferences and research new ways to improve both our equipment and methodologies.   Shelar Sanitation uses a state of the art pumping trucks, meters, power agitators and other specialized equipment.  This translates to a cleaner system with more of the stubborn solid wastes being removed from your system.   By removing the solids that other companies with less quality equipment would have missed, our customers receive the maximum value for their pumping dollar. 

If you are pumping a septic tank and you live in Adrian, Albion, Brooklyn, Branch, Calhoun, Eaton, Hillsdale, Ingham, Jackson, Lenawee or Washtenaw you should visit our web pages that provide links to your local county health departments  Why visit your local county page?  Well, there are several reaons, but you can keep the cost of finding your septic tank down by requesting a map of your septic system from your local health department.  The County maintains a map of your septic system. So, if you are planning on pumping your septic tank, it is a good idea to have your system map on hand.   The map will help you locate your septic tank lid as it shows distances from structures like your home.   It will often show the size of your septic tank and how many gallons it holds.   Typically, 1000 gallon septic tanks have one lid whereas 1500 gallons are constructed with two lids.   Pumping a septic tank involves removing the soil to expose the septic tank lid.   Many homeowners do not know the depth, size or location of their septic tanks, which needlessly complicates getting their septic tank pumped.  The map received from the local health department simplifies this process by giving the homeowner and driver the information needed to properly locate and service the system.

If a customer does not want to locate their septic tank and remove the soil from the lid, we will dig it up for you for a small fee. If the septic tank is buried several feet under the ground, a backhoe operator can be sent to your location.  The fee for backhoe service runs several hundred dollars which no one likes to pay more once.  If uncovering your tank lid requires a backhoe we recommend that you install a permanent riser and a new septic tank lid for easier access in the future.   These new high tech risers are sold by the foot and can be viewed on our website under septic products.


So, before you pump your septic tank in any one of our service areas, make sure that you visit our septic pumping pages to find helpful links to your county health department along with some great septic video links and other resources.


To schedule an appointment to pump your septic tank simply call us at (517) 764-1650

Affordable Septic Pumping Since 1950!

Michigan Septic Tank Association member


MI DEQ, Septage Hauler's and Business License
Jackson County Health Dept, Septage Hauler License
Jackson County Health Dept, Septage System Installer License
State of Michigan, Residential Builders Maintenance & Alterations Contractor License
Branch Hillsdale & St. Joseph Community Health Registered Septic System Installers License
Calhoun County Health Dept, Septic Installers License


Our Services Areas:

Shelars offers septic pumping services to the following areas:

Our Septic Service Areas By City: Other Septic Service Areas:
Adrian Ackerson Lake
Albion Addison              
Brooklyn Addison School District
Cement City Albion School District
Chelsea Berryville
Clarklake Braxie Lake
Concord Brill Lake
Grass Lake Brown Lake
Hanover Cavanaugh Lake
Horton Center Lake
Jackson Clark Lake
Jefferson Clear Lake
Leoni Columbia Central School District
Leslie Columbia School District
Liberty Concord School District
Marshall Crooked Lake
Mason Crystal Lake
Michigan Center Devils Lake
Moscow Duck Lake
Munith Eagle Lake
Napoleon East Jackson          
Norvell East Jackson School District
Onstead Farwell Lake
Parma Fox Lake
Pleasant Lake Gillettes Lake
Pulaski Grand Lake
Rives Junction Hanover Horton School District
Sandstone Hinman Lake
Sharon Hollow Homer School District
Spring Arbor Jackson Community College
Springport JCC
Stockbridge Joslin Lake
Stoney Point Lake Columbia
Sunset Beach Lake LeAnn
Tompkins Leslie School District
Vandercook Lake Lime Lake
Woodville Little Portage Lake
Mill Lake
Minards Mill
Mirror Lake
Moon Lake
North Jackson
Norvell Lake
Nottawa Lake
Perch Lake
Pinehills Lake
Portage Lake
Root Station
Round Lake
Sommerset Lake
South Jackson
South Jackson
South Lake
Spring Arbor College
SpringPort School District
Stony Lake
Sugar Loaf Lake
Three Forty Farms
Vankercook Lake School District
Vineyard Lake
Welch Lake
West Jackson
Western School District
White Lake
Willett Lake
Winnewana Impoundment Lake
Wolf Lake